Jason Dumois

Founder and CEO

Jason Dumois is a pioneer in the eLearning industry. He was the first ever eLearning developer intern for Black & Decker University in 2002 and has since led the strategy for helping companies break into eLearning as well as help grow their eLearning departments. He has worn many different hats and is considered a jack of all trades eLearning professional. He has over 15 years of professional experience designing, developing, and project managing large and complex eLearning projects. His hands on experience in eLearning has led him to successfully recruit and hire top talent in the industry. He truly knows how to build a dream team.

He is an also an internet entrepreneur with a passion for helping people and businesses succeed, especially through the use of technology and education. He is driven to create products and solutions that increase performance and generate revenue and believes in creating win-win relationships, valuable strategic partnerships, and establishing high trust.

Jason is a very creative/innovative individual and is always thinking “outside the box”. His positive attitude and enthusiasm is very contagious.

He and his team have created some very engaging and impactful eLearning programs that have kept learners’ attention and increased performance. This is through story-telling, scenario-based learning, and using different multimedia such as audio, video, motion graphics, and animation.

He has a BBA in Performance Improvement Technology from Baylor University and a MA in Instructional Systems Development from the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Jason also has a passion for helping companies find outstanding talent and has successfully placed candidates in both full-time and contract eLearning positions. He knows how to recognize and find great talent and really enjoys helping and connecting people.

Overall, Jason is a big believer in giving back, placing people over profits, and living a life of high trust and integrity. He is always thinking BIG and desires to change the way people learn online for the better.

In his spare time, Jason likes to workout, hike, travel, read, and follow college football (Sic’em Bears!).